Christmas and the Writer

How ya’ feeling out there?  Too much fruitcake?  Too much sugar?  Too much wadded up paper in the recycling bin?  Too much holiday?

As a child I loved this holiday.  Of course I did.  I was on vacation from school, there was magic in the form of a tree with ornaments and lights on it inside the house, and someone known as Santa was going to bring me presents.  Plus I wasn’t writing a novel, so no interruption there.

As an adult and a writer, I have a hard time with Christmas.  I’ve got the shopping thing down to a minimum.  I no longer clean other people’s houses, and therefore no longer have to adhere to someone else’s holiday party schedule.  And I rarely drink and couldn’t care less for fruitcake.  Still there comes a day when the energy of the season leans its big old snowman head into the window of my studio, and when that happens I know it’s time to just stop.  Give in and join in.

Which makes New Years an especially wonderful time for the writer in me.  If I have been lax I can make myself lots of promises in the form of resolutions, but if I have been productive, as I have this year, I can genuinely look forward to returning to my work.


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