"Writing suited my temperament, and my lifestyle too. I was extremely shy, and I lived with a large, loud family in which it was difficult to be heard. I turned to the page when I had something to say. It didn't really matter if anyone read it or not, as long as I got it said."
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I know we're close to an indie bookstore

We are all equals on the writing path and each of us is both beginner and expert.



Life Without Water by Nancy PeacockLife Without Water
Chapter 1

My name is Cedar and I was born in 1969 in one bedroom of a gray and tumbling house in Chatham County, North Carolina. My mother's name is Sara. My father called himself Sol. My mother has told me over and over and over again the story of their courtship...  Read more...
Home Across the Road by Nancy Peacock
Home Across the Road
Cally was born with blue eyes, daughter of both black and white, but white did not claim her, except as property. Born a slave to a slave mother, Cally became a slave herself and when she was big enough she hauled water to the big house for cooking and cleaning. Read more...
A Broom of One's Own by Nancy PeacockA Broom of One's Own
From the essay, Enquiring Minds

Mrs. Clark and I always took lunch together. She set a place at the breakfast bar for me right alongside her place. Two paper towels spread to put our food on. I would pull my lunch out of my soft cooler. It was different things on different days.  Read more...

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"I now run writing workshops in my studio. I live with my husband, Ben, and a resident box turtle named Caroline in a small house in Chatham County. Well, actually Caroline lives outside and has, so far, graced us with her presence every morning. "
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Listen to Nancy Peacock interview
with Dick Gordon on The Story

Listen to Nancy Peacock interview
with Frank Stasio on The State of Things

Ongoing Writing Groups and Classes:

Wednesday night Women's Writing Group
Thursday Morning Women's Writing Class
Every Friday Morning -
Jumpstart Your Writing: Playing Your Way to Plenty of Pages

I am excited to announce that Prompt Writing has a new home.
We will be moving to Flyleaf Books, a new independent bookstore in Chapel Hill.

Every second Saturday of the month
10:00 to 12:00 or 12:30

Come early so you can get coffee and goodies from Foster's Market next door.

The address is 752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Historic Airport Road)
Chapel Hill Phone # 942-7373
Bring paper and pen. The muse will be waiting for you.

"Work freely and rollickingly, as though talking to a friend who loves you. Mentally (at least three or four times a day) thumb your nose at all know-it-alls, jeerers, critics, doubters." from: If You Want to Write: A Book About Art, Independence and Spirit
by Brenda Ueland


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