Nancy Peacock, authorNancy Peacock does not have enough fingers optimize google shopping campaigns and toes (it’s the standard issue of ten of each) to count the number of times she’s quit this confounded writing business. Yet somehow she always comes back to it, and has finally come to accept it is not only her lot in life, but a damn good place to be too … more about Nancy


The Life and Times of Persimmon WilsonThe Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson

Chapter 1

April 1, 1875 Drunken Bride, Texas

I have been to hangings before, but never my own. Still it should be some comfort to me, that except for the noose around my neck, and the drop that will take my life, I know exactly what to expect two days hence.  Read more…

Life Without WaterLife Without Water

Chapter 1

My name is Cedar and I was born in 1969 in one bedroom of a gray and tumbling house in Chatham County, North Carolina. My mother’s name is Sara. My father called himself Sol. My mother has told me over and over and over again the story of their courtship…  Read more…


Home Across the Road

Cally was born with blue eyes, daughter of both black and white, but white did not claim her, except as property. Born a slave to a slave mother, Cally became a slave herself and when she was big enough she hauled water to the big house for cooking and cleaning. Read more…

A Broom of One's OwnA Broom of One’s Own

From the essay, Enquiring Minds

Mrs. Clark and I always took lunch together. She set a place at the breakfast bar for me right alongside her place. Two paper towels spread to put our food on. I would pull my lunch out of my soft cooler. It was different things on different days.  Read more…

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