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Letter to Self

Dear Nancy, What can I tell you that, deep inside, you already know? The world is a rough place. Find the beauty. It is what will save you. The fear you feel at the publication of a new book is … Continue reading

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It is hard not to lead with our wounds. We all have them. Some are personal. Some are from childhood. Many are cultural. Every day we step out into the world and the wounds are bumped and beaten and reinforced. … Continue reading

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The Woo At Work

Writing a novel is messy. It’s a willful entrance into the unknown. It’s uncomfortable and weird and it feels wrong a lot of the time, especially in the beginning. And then one day you notice a gathering of clouds just … Continue reading

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Thick Skin vs. Self Knowledge

I am often asked about the ethics of memoir. Specifically, is it ethical to write about another person? Can I be sued? Should I use real names? My answers are, respectively: Yes and no, maybe, and definitely not. There. Now … Continue reading

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“Art, Independence and Spirit.”

Dear Lisa, When I was a child I spent a lot of time down in the woods and beside the lake we lived near, and the creek that fed into the lake. I was often alone, and I traveled with … Continue reading

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Dear Karen, Your letter about layers has made me think of the layers of my own history, manifest in certain pains that I am grappling with now. These layers, layers I thought long ago put to rest with therapy and … Continue reading

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The Inner Life of Story

Dear Karen – Your letter gave me much to chew on (no puppy-pun intended). How do we take care of the puppies and children and families we have, while also taking care of writing? In my work as a teacher … Continue reading

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Amazon and Hatchette

Dear Karen – I feel raw and tender, like I will burst at one more piece of sad news. Upheaval. Wars. Bombs. Animals and people being tortured and hurt. Children killed. Mass murder. Rape. Suicide. Trees being cut down and … Continue reading

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Laughter and Tears

Dear Karen – I am thinking about laughter. I love laughter. I love humor, hilarity, wit, silliness. I love joking. I love irony. Sometimes I love things that aren’t supposed to be funny, or weren’t funny while they were being … Continue reading

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Elitist Construct

Dear Karen, Long before my first book was published, long before I had even written it, I struggled with finding a way to put words on paper and have them become a story. Part of my study was to read … Continue reading

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