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Walls, Doors and Windows

I am thinking about walls, doors and windows, and the rooms that many writers feel they are kept out of. The feeling is real. I have a lot of experience with walls, doors and windows. Besides the fact that I … Continue reading

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Holding Space for Yourself

In teaching, one of the things I try to do is hold space. In my private prompts classes, we close our eyes and take some deep breaths and get quiet, letting the workweek fall away, the effort that went into … Continue reading

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Living in Fear

I have been living in fear. I am afraid of my public life. I am afraid of what it might mean to be known for what I do and recognized. I am afraid of what it might mean to not … Continue reading

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Nine times a month I teach classes devoted only to writing from prompts. The prompts can range anywhere from a line of poetry, to a picture, to an object, to writing a story that places an object within a picture, … Continue reading

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What are you working on now?

What are you working on now? There is no escaping this question once you are a published author, but the answer is complicated. For me anyway, which is one reason I don’t like to talk about works in progress. In … Continue reading

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Thick Skin vs. Self Knowledge

I am often asked about the ethics of memoir. Specifically, is it ethical to write about another person? Can I be sued? Should I use real names? My answers are, respectively: Yes and no, maybe, and definitely not. There. Now … Continue reading

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Gratitude for Karen McElmurray

Dear Karen, Here is what I have to thank you for: Embarking on this journey with me, a journey of over two years in which we have been writing letters back and forth on the writing life, and more. Bringing … Continue reading

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to mother

  Dear Nancy: I’ve been on the road again, been teaching and driving, been talking and reading, and finally coming home and settling in to the quiet.  This morning, during my sixty-thirty walk I thought about this letter to you … Continue reading

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Let evening come

  Dear Sonja: I also have a garden that is a tangle, not of sweet peas, but of sunflowers and black eyed Susan’s and Echinacea spilling over a bank onto the patio.  As I sat out there last evening sipping … Continue reading

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Going There

Good Morning from the Ocean, Nancy: It’s Sunday morning, over the midway point here in my time by the sea.  Last year, in this same house, I wrote you about days by the sea being like skins being shed, one … Continue reading

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