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Free Advice

When you’re a writer, you receive a lot of free advice. A good deal of it (most, I’d say) comes from people who do not write. I’ve been told I have to learn Latin (which I have nothing against, but … Continue reading

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Is Confidence Necessary?

I am at an age where I look back on my younger self with great tenderness. I wonder what happened so early in my childhood that my confidence was completely wiped out. There are of course institutions and people to … Continue reading

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“So Much Gla-More”

Dear Karen, I have a friend who used to have a saying: “It was so much gla-more.” She said this about the grocery shopping, or cleaning the toilet, or slapping together some sandwiches for a too-late dinner, or the million … Continue reading

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Dear Karen, I hear you are at the ocean this week, and that you plan to send me some seashells. Nothing would please me more, except being there with you.  When I fist began imagining my writing life I was … Continue reading

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Dear Karen, It’s funny that your last letter to me should be about praise, and then less than a week later I find out you’re the Hollins Writer in Residence for 2014.  Congratulations! You deserve this praise and more. Sometimes … Continue reading

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