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Living in Fear

I have been living in fear. I am afraid of my public life. I am afraid of what it might mean to be known for what I do and recognized. I am afraid of what it might mean to not … Continue reading

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The Market

People often ask me how to read the market. What should they do? What’s the next new trend? How did I know to write what I wrote when I wrote it? Look at me, I want to say. Do I … Continue reading

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The Value of Play

Dear Nancy Your pre-writing walks along the river sound glorious, and so does your description of your childhood “moodling” time in the woods.  As a child, I also walked in the woods.  It was a great solace to me, and … Continue reading

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McWriting and Burning Journals

Dear Karen – I am thinking about the word fearlessness. You used it to describe the potter who smashed all his work, the painter slashing his canvas, the writer burning his work. Me, maybe, for my decision to start over. … Continue reading

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Poet Luisa Igloria joins our conversation: making our way as women, as writers, as teachers

06 September 2014 Norfolk, VA Dear Karen, Dear Nancy— Oh your last two letters! One, on heart and mind; and on how important it is to not be afraid of the intimate and the “personal.”  The other, on passion … Continue reading

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Track Changes

Dear Karen – I have a four day weekend coming up, a weekend in which I intend to take a walk by the river every morning and then have breakfast, and begin my work. My work right now is called … Continue reading

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Dear Karen, It is raining. I had a photo shoot planned for this morning (new pix for my new book) but due to weather the photographer and I have had to cancel and reschedule for next week. I once gave … Continue reading

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